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And to answer a few question..

I moved from BC because of a military posting and yes I drove here, taking the Sarnia area border crossing, (and I can't recal seeing, no detector warning signs, not to say they weren't there though). Spent 4 yrs in BC and was happy to leave. Family is from NFLD and BC is a long way from home. I can see if you were from there you wouldn't want to leave. Lower mainland is where I'd live though, Chiliwack area probably.

We lived in Victoria. Van Island is nice, can ride yr around, but the riding itself is not that great as its very limited. It only has a couple roads going north/south and a few roads going east/west. You can cover every paved road in a weekend and it gets repetitive after that. Off rd would be better but I didn't do any of that. I put 47k miles on a US dl650 in the 3.5 yrs there.

We had a great time travelling and camping, covering most areas of BC (Whistler, Banff and all over Van Island), Wa and Or. Drove the coast down to San Diego, San Fran, went to Grand Canyon, Vegas, Hawaii. Alaska and Yukon were on my list before I left but never made it.

Never asked to come to Ont, but its been good till now, wife and kids are happy to be here. Lots to do and see, and will attempt to do the same here as we did in BC and take in everything possible in the 3-4 yrs I'll be here. I figure NS or NFLD after this.

If standing in front of a bunch of officers to speak my case somehow "red flags" them to somehow pick on me (51 in a 50 as was mentioned or standing on pegs), I'll sell the bike and buy a Corolla, as it wouldn't be worth the aggravation of owning a motorcycle here.

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