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Originally Posted by StepOnIt View Post
I am not saying to fight to get your radar protector back just the ticket.
Plea your case and see what happens, worse case scenario is you have to pay the full price. It is not like he let you off easy and you can show the damage he did to your bike.
I agree it is easy just to pay the fine and they know that. Cant say they like to go to court, but a judge might tell him to be careful next time.
According to the back of the ticket for option # 2, they have the "plead guilty and face justice team" only every third friday of every month. So who knows if this officer will be there. Not that it matters to me.

If pleading not guilty, this is when you make an appointment for court time and likely face the defending officer.

Worst case for me is where I stand now. I pay the 170 while I'm there and get nothing back. Best case scenario... no idea But I'll feel good about it.

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