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Originally Posted by Vagabond_Explorer View Post
In that case, with 98% road usage, why don't you get a road bike? More comfortable, better gearing, more aerodynamic etc. Then, get a small 125cc or 250cc for tough trails like the one that you nearly lost your life on. You could load it in your truck or buy a small trailer for it. You can buy these for very low prices 2nd hand and they're a hoot to ride in tough terrain.

I always marvel at how inadequate GS/A's are for dirt. Unless the dirt is flat ('ish), well graded, dry, smooth etc, these bikes keep falling over on easy obstacles. I did several rides in central Australia and often feel sorry for GS/A riders who've pulled muscles, sprained ankles etc just from picking up their bikes!

Of course if you can ride like the late Gaston Rahier then the GS/A's are great. Just a thought.
I don't have time to respond to every new point yet, but I wanted to respond to this one this morning.

I guess I should state that, despite the GSA being a fat, bloated pig, that stranded me in the woods, I do love it. It's a weird, awkward kind of love. I love it's archaic engine, I love that it hold 1 more gallon of gasoline than a Concours 14, I love it's relative simplicity to a lot of inline 4's and 6 cylinder bikes.

I don't want a streamlined 17" inch wheel laden super tourer, I want something worse.

I guess 'will be' should be has been, and 'highway' should be decent road, bad choice of words.

And just because 98% of my time has been slab so far, that doesn't mean I want it to want it to 'always' be like that, that's just how it's worked out. I guess I should have said 98% of my time will be on 'roads', but even with Highways, I know there are roads marked as highways in Texas I wouldn't bring a Sport-Tourer on. I also know gravel highways exist. If I cut the term back to just roads, there are plenty of 'roads' I wouldn't drive a road bike on either. The beach aspect of Bluewater Highway in Surfside comes to mind.

However, I did already state I'm a one bike man at this point. I can't have small dual sport and a large adventure bike at this point. I do have a trailer, my truck, my fiance's crossover, and my GSA that's 4 'vehicles' at an apartment. That's 3 vehicles that need inspection, oil changes, tires, ect, and 4 that need registration, parking, blah blah blah. Yeah a thumper could share a spot with the big pig, but I don't really want one. I don't want to ride a thumper in El Paso, or to the mountains, and ferrying it around would be cool, but meh, maybe in a couple of years when I have a house that isn't in El Paso.

Thanks guys!
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