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Day 15
We were officially PINCHED!! It was still raining the next morning and it was cold. We still wouldn't be able to make it across the wash that was blocking us and it wouldn't have been wise to try to back track through the 89km of mud. Plus, we couldn't risk getting our dry gear wet if we decided to break down camp and make a move. So we hunkered down. We were dry and warm for the time being.

It becomes a game of patience when you're in a situation like this. Your mind starts coming up with ways to get moving but you know you should just stay put until it clears. So we continue to chill into mid day.

It's still raining. We are having to ration our food and water a bit as we don't have an unlimited supply. We can stay put for another day no problem and we start getting our mind set for that.

We all move over to Buuuuuurrrrts quarters for a couple rounds of "Pigs", a game where you throw two small plastic pigs like dice to score. It's mid afternoon now and we think the rain is letting up.

Sure enough, we get out of the tents and the clouds lifted just enough to reveal the aftermath of a fairly significant Siberian low pressure system. Yup, snow down to the lower elevations.

The storm breaks enough for us to start drying our gear. The north wind is still blowing but has slowed significantly.

It breaks some more and we can see the full effect of the storm. The peaks are over 10,000 feet. We continue to do damage control by getting all of our gear dry and stowed away in case it decides to rain more. We're feeling pretty good about attempting a move the next morning.

A while later we conclude that the storm has moved through and it's going to continue to clear. Buuuurrrt and I decide we need to go do a little 'recon' mission and check out the wash we couldn't cross the day before. The ground is already starting to dry by this time.

We were able to cross the wash and ride the 14km to the town of Bogd where we stocked up on food, water, BEER and VODKA!! Things were really coming back around for us.

There were other folks who got pinched by the storm like this group in a mini van stuck in a mud hole. We tried to help push them but it was futile. At the wash, which we had to cross again to get back to camp, there was a truck stuck. Two guys tried to cross it after us and didn't make it. Looks like they'll be hunkering down until it dries some more also.

Back at camp, it was cold but we were comfortable and happy. We'd found some olives that we randomly picked up somewhere and were mixing martini's. This consists of popping an olive in your mouth and taking a shot of vodka.

All of a sudden, we notice this guy walking up to our camp. It was like he came out of nowhere!!

He offered us a smoke and we offered him a shot of vodka. He took the bottle and put the "Mongolian choke hold" on it and killed the last 1/4 of the bottle in one pull!!! Of course, no english.

We were milling around and just like he appeared, we notice that he's already walking off. Crazy.

At this point we have a nice buzz and we're totally enjoying our camp. The features all around us are stunning!!! We had no idea when we rolled in during the storm the day before.

Time for Gobi Goulash.

Unbelievable!!! Perfect sunset.

This wasn't exactly what we had in mind for a rest and recuperate day but we ended up really liking this day a lot.

28km for the day, to Bogd and back to camp.
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