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I think you are making assumptions that are wrong.
I was being careful and going only about 30 mph on a lighter bike then yours and fell in soft sand and broke 8 bones and had internal injuries.

Its REAL easy to get busted up on big bikes in the dirt, its just pot luck how you fall or land, or what you hit.
I went to a smaller lighter lower bike, but if I did keep a bigger one, I would make sure I could contact someone for when I got hurt.

30 mph fall and I almost did not make it.
I tried lifting the bike and could not quite do it. That shocked me as I ALWAYS rode out before, even with serious injuries.

I might have been able to walk out, but I doubt it, after the shock wore off, I had a very hard time standing.
I had minimal cell coverage, but saying I crashed in the woods someplace around Green Bank would make it hard to find me.

All that needs to happen is for your leg to get twisted or levered on the luggage and you are done walking for a month.

So many people riding bigger bikes in the dirt have had it happen that there should be a warning sticker on the big bikes!
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