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Originally Posted by bloodline View Post
Tundra is fragile. Barely bottomed it and had to spend an hour beating on the skid plate just to change the oil. I beat the heck out of my ford and never hurt the undercarriage. As I mentioned before, I haven't owned a Ford or any other brand of truck, so my responses lack that aspect, but I've used my Tundra for some offroading and taken it on some truly awful roads with no ill effect. This sounds more like simple random bad luck than overall fragility to me.

Tundra fuel mileage while towing is horrible. The fuel tank is way too small. The fuel tank of a Tundra is 26 gallons. I do not know what an F150 tank holds. You can buy an aftermarket tank for Gen II Tundras (all my comments relate to those) that holds 46, and I have considered doing so, but how often do you drive 350+ miles without needing to stop? I simply don't see the problem. I have decided that a bigger tank would be useful only if I were going to want to use the truck in an "expedition" situation.

If you try close the tailgate with something hanging out, the tailgate pops off the hinges. I have not had this experience. That said, I generally don't try to close a door or tailgate with something hanging out.....

The ride is bouncy and annoying. There is some bounce in the ride. It doesn't bother me, but everyone is different.

The steering has absolutely zero feedback. I disagree. I can feel the tread of my tires through the steering-wheel.

All of the little storage boxes in the cab are too small to be useful.

I hate the wiper controls and the cruise control. Cruise control is standard Toyota.....I'm used to it so it's fine. Wiper controls? They seem very conventional/standard to me as well.

Can't turn off the seatbelt minder and its incredibly annoying. I wear my seatbelt and its still annoying. I believe there are codes that can be accessed to turn off the reminder. You say you wear your seatbelt and it still chimes?

All of the cigarette lighter outlets are switched with the ignition. How the heck are you supposed to charge anything?True.

The s mode is not a manual mode it just dictates the highest gear available. True.

No push button entry on drivers door. Huh?

Did I mention the gas mileage while towing? You did. Does a gas-engine Ford or Chevy with comparable power get better mileage while towing? I know that diesel does, but that would not be a fair comparison.

The cup holders suck.

The stereo sucks. Seems decent to me, but I'm no audiophile.
I like the power, unless I'm towing, and I like the brakes. Why would you not like power when towing? I would think that's where it would be quite useful.

The tundra is a truck for someone that doesn't need a real truck. Whatever. I have used mine as a "real truck" for a year and it has served me well.

Damn, I miss my F150. Toyotas usually have decent resale value. Trade or sell your Tundra and get a Ford.
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