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First Impressions on the Super Tenere Seat

First Impressions of the Seat Concepts Seat - Based on a 15 minute commute into work this morning. 36 degrees out, sunny and the bike just turned 10,000 miles.

I have a ~28" inseam, and this seat is taller than stock and taller than the Sargent by close to an inch, I would guess. I am definitely on my toes now.

The SC foam has a very dense but cushy feel, so it absorbs shocks well. The foam on the Sargent seems to transfer shocks and vibrations through the seat much more. The SC foam is also very thermally stable, that is it doesn't seem to change much as temps change. It was soft at 36 degrees, and didn't get much softer as it warmed under me.

The SC cover strikes a nice balance between grippy and slippery. I did not slide around on it at all, but could move with ease when needed. It is grippier than the Sargent, but slightly less so than the stocker.

Comfort. Well, 15 minutes is really not enough to tell, but it felt good. The Corbin I had hurt within 2 minutes, so this is progress. The Sargent has me squirming in 1.5 to 2 hours. I hope to put in a 4 hour ride this afternoon if I can escape from work... More info to follow.

For taller riders, this is surely a great option. The bang for the buck factor is huge!

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