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After some fiddlefrickin around with caliper, checking earls...the cali appeared


2T...smokedprimerib...don't tell's actually LUNCH!

guess they don't mind it in there backyard

Little River Canyon Pkwy, SR176, Fort Payne, Alabama

complete with bloodsplatter


beerstore on site...some Norton bubs going to Barbers fed me wildboar from Texas...we got stove up

the straight line is when dulorme decided to loose'quef**k

Start Time: 10/10/2012 10:25:11 AM EDT
Finish Time: 10/10/2012 6:26:56 PM EDT
Distance: 261.65 mi
Average Speed: 32.6 MPH
Average Moving Speed: 43.4 MPH
Maximum Speed: 82.4 MPH
Average Elevation: 982 feet
Minimum Elevation: 454 feet
Maximum Elevation: 2,280 feet
Acquisition Location: Oak Ridge, Tennessee (37830)
Finish Location: Cropwell, Alabama (35054)
Time from Start to Finish: 8:01:45 (hr:min:sec)
Time Moving: 6:01:40 (hr:min:sec)
Time Stopped: 2:00:05 (hr:min:sec)
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