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Originally Posted by sin031 View Post
I don't speak Chinese, so had to put this into to find out it says:

This is so cool!

谢谢!Thanks! sin031

Right back atcha. Kinda cool that folks around the world can waste time reading ride reports these days.

Which reminds me. I have been really learning a lot of Spanish on

I enter in something like:

May I camp on your land for the night?

And not only does it come up with:

┐Puedo acampar en su terreno para la noche?

But if you click the speaker button in the lower right corner of the answer window it will speak the sentence for you. Quite handy for figuring out proper pronunciation.

It's the only Spanish lessons I can afford at the moment. Although I hear it is well worth while if you have the money to spend some time at immersion schools during your Latin travels. It really does help if you can speak some Spanish. Although you can get along fine with sign language if you must.

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