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Originally Posted by Vagabond_Explorer View Post
In that case, with 98% road usage, why don't you get a road bike? More comfortable, better gearing, more aerodynamic etc. Then, get a small 125cc or 250cc for tough trails like the one that you nearly lost your life on. You could load it in your truck or buy a small trailer for it. You can buy these for very low prices 2nd hand and they're a hoot to ride in tough terrain.

I always marvel at how inadequate GS/A's are for dirt. Unless the dirt is flat ('ish), well graded, dry, smooth etc, these bikes keep falling over on easy obstacles. I did several rides in central Australia and often feel sorry for GS/A riders who've pulled muscles, sprained ankles etc just from picking up their bikes!

Of course if you can ride like the late Gaston Rahier then the GS/A's are great. Just a thought.
You've missed the point of the bike and the point the OP was making. The GSA is a fantastic street bike. When riding 100+ miles to get to the trails, it is one of the best machines around. The fact is, it also can handle more dirt tracks than people give it credit for. No, it is not a MX bike, but it can handle gravel, rocks and sand within the limits of the rider.

Think of the GSA as a compromise solution for those of us who want to enjoy the ride to the trails just as much (if not more) than the ride on the trails. We know what it is and what it is not. We just place more value on the streetability than you do and we know the cost is the ability to go balls-out on the single track.
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