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Originally Posted by lhendrik View Post
Be a cold day in hell before I'll drop another $600-700 US to wear a helmet that painfully brands your forehead. I was ver disappointed that this fault only becomes evident after wearing the helmet for over an hour, precluding an in store try on as a way of selecting this otherwise nice helmet. Too bad, I went with a Neotec and am happy. Don't see where this is much more than orig C3.
I know how much it sucks having a helmet grind your forehead,its really a matter of fit,not the helmet's fault. We all know that though.
Ive spent a lot of time wearing helmets that slowly grind the ft of my head down, Shoei some how has solved this on their new helmets,for my head anyways. Ive got a Hornet and and RF-1100 and they're both all day helmets,no pain.

This fancy looking Schuberth looks the part though!
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