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Sweet, Can't wait to get there.. Looking like it will be the last weekend in Oct.

Any places we should check out while in the area? When not riding I like good food and good beer. I haven't looked around the area yet for whats available but a bit nervous with it being such small towns.. I'm thinking of staying at the blue goose unless anyone has a better suggestion..

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The avg. B rider on motocross bike can cover every trail in 1 day if you put in a long day or 2 easy days. Trail 97 and some singletrack are very challenging. The system is almost a loop. Many ride out in the morning from say Matewan towards Williamson and eat lunch/fuel then return on different trails. If you do this 3 times using different trails, you can ride all of them at some point. You may choose to skip the easy green trails when possible which will reduce the time needed.

GPS that records track helps considerably if using layer.

If you search these layers can be found for free. Hint:

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