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Originally Posted by Maggot12 View Post
I moved from BC because of a military posting and yes I drove here, taking the Sarnia area border crossing, (and I can't recal seeing, no detector warning signs, not to say they weren't there though).
The signs are there, about 5 miles from the bridge just past the airport. I dirve by there regularly and the only reason I notice them is because Ive been popped before . Is a litlle 1ft square sign on either side of the 402 that says "SPEED MEASURING WARNING DEVICES PROHIBITED" clear as mud eh!

I'll sell the bike and buy a Corolla, as it wouldn't be worth the aggravation of owning a motorcycle here.
Now your just being silly, welcome to Ontario, its no different than BC other than the radar dector thing, lotsa people feel the same about the RCMP, the wacko BC goverment and ICBC. The BC stunting law is actually worse, with 40 over being the limit to lose your ride rather than 50 . Really , its not that bad here
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