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Originally Posted by RichBeBe View Post
I didn't watch the game, had it on the radio. But I have to say the talked about how A-Rod was the first one to congratulate Raul after each homer and went over and patted Girardi on the back after Raul hit the first one. He normally acts like a dick, but last night it sounded like he was humble and about the team.
Yeah I was referring to the TV broadcasters and it isn't the first time I've heard them say this. Not just about A-rod but pretty much any 'superstar' in the same situation. they don't want to mess with their 'psyche'. WTF. If I don't perform well at work I'll either be canned or demoted. Why should these sports people who have had to deal with failure throughout their entire careers be treated differently?

getting back to A-rod though I believe his stint at NY has pretty much provided him a huge chunk of humble pie. Starting with him being moved over to 3rd right from the get go all he's ever been handed is humility. I think at this point of his career if he can't handle being put down the order for the benefit of the team then he should go play elsewhere.
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