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Nice find on the old post.

I had bad experience with a Lincoln resulting full thickness tears, torn labrum & separated shoulder.

Have your Doc write the pain & muscle relaxer Rxs before the surgery so you can pick everything up while you are in good shape. Stopping on the way home is not the best choice don't ask me how I know.

Check at the pharmacy for one of the freezer belts for shoulders. If it gets cold enough you forget about some of the pain. Sleeping the first three days was tough but the cold helped knock the edge off. Take the pain pills do not tough it out as said by others. Same with muscle relaxers, they work.

PT is key. If you do your home exercises from the get go and stretch, stretch some more and if your eyes aren't watering up you doing something wrong. Swearing profusely seems to help as well: I liked SOB you miserable Fn whore; experiment see what works for you. Technique matters, if you do the PT half hearted or cheat you will pay on the back side with range of motion and power.

I work for myself, so no option on not going back to work at a desk job. Very doable even on day 2 if your instrument is a keyboard or phone.

The bike is doable after 8- 10 weeks if you are careful and have your head on straight. My Doc took pity on me, 54 at the time, when I explained that I love my wife but having her drive me everywhere was taking it's toll plus I felt safer on the bike. PT wasn't happy but I was.

Two years down stream no pain and range of motion is as good as it ever was. No regrets here.

Good luck with the surgery.
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