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Originally Posted by Patrol View Post
I don't see the logic in paying a lawyer $1000 to fight a $100 ticket.

The O.Reg you are quoting pertains to cars, not bikes. The highway traffic act defines the seat on a motorcycle as a "saddle". This reg has nothing to do with bikes.
I dont read "sitting in a seat" as meaning standing on pegs either.

But when i read the HTA i also see this.

"“motorcycle” means a self-propelled vehicle having a seat or saddle for the use of the driver and designed to travel on not more than three wheels in contact with the ground, and includes a motor scooter, but does not include a motor assisted bicycle; (“motocyclette”)"

So it can be "seat or saddle"

"172. (1) No person shall drive a motor vehicle on a highway in a race or contest, while performing a stunt or on a bet or wager. 2007, c. 13, s. 21."

What if the cop thinks standing on the pegs is a stunt? Or he feels that standing on the pegs has the possibility of causing harm to the rider or someone else at the time?

That may not be the intent of the law and you and me may agree that it doesn't really say "standing" But if the cop on the side of the road disagrees or has read someplace else in HTA and feels it applies, what option do we have? We all know how well things go when you try and argue your case on the side of the road with a cop.
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