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Originally Posted by Hayduke View Post

I see you have put your Q4 on the Rally bike. Any problems getting it to fit? Assuming it was the one off your 525. Mine won't go, as the brackets on the silencer are widely offset. I have an old KTM branded FMF shell, and it has the brackets closer in line. I am considering using it, but it looks terrible, since the packing was smoked and the anodizing looks like crap. My 530 came with an HMF (stock can came with the bike, but the previous previous owner cut the guts out), which even with the smallest insert, is tooooo loud. Grrrr.

Here's my 57 hour 2009 to replace my 230 hour 2007 525. I took the black rims off for the time being, and the faded orange 21/19 set are for ice racing, but I have the rear to burn off before the prickly tire goes on. For a guy like myself that prides himself in photography, these cel shots are embarrassing.

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