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I had a old Lambretta 175 with a clutch/4 speed transmission but nowadays I think scooters are thought of as synonymous with automatics. I haven't put a ton of miles on the Symba yet, but it seems tough and capable to tour on. About 12 years ago I did a killer ride in Vietnam on a 100cc Honda step through (AKA Symba like bike) way up in the highlands, south to roads, probably 800-1000 miles on all sorts of bad roads (also in Laos and Cambodia, but different trips). Anyway, there was nothing more suitable for the task. Giant Soviet military 4 wheel drive rescue tow trucks were getting stuck, even with their PTO cables on large trees. But I could push and paddle the bike through the worst of it, keeping it in gear and walking it. On a bike with a manual clutch it would have been the end, as would have a scooter with a CVT too. Aside from being a fine very small scale tour bike I am pretty sure it is the ultimate adventure bike. I've found that on the micro bikes you ride for 80-150 miles a day and you're done. But it seems you see and experience so much more.
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