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Originally Posted by Patrol View Post
There's no such charge as "Perform Stunt on Highway", it has to be Perform Stunt on Highway - ________ one of the wordings. A charge that doesn't exist can't be laid before the court. The cop can certainly misunderstand what's required, what constitutes a violation, etc but there is no way to lay a charge for standing on the pegs.

Do you see what I'm saying? The summons can't say "Perform Stunt on Highway". It must say "Perform Stunt on Highway - Greater than 49 km/h or Engage in Race or Lift Wheel etc. There are only five possibilities. He can't think you're performing a stunt all he wants but unless parliament has ruled that the action (such as standing on the pegs) is a stunt there is no charge. If standing on the pegs ever becomes illegal in Ontario it probably won't be stunting, it will be a regular $110 ticket, but there are occasions when it is appropriate to stand on the pegs, so it is highly unlikely this will ever be illegal.
Can i be charged with "Not sitting in a seat"?
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