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Originally Posted by NitroRoo View Post
What a story

Really glad you were just worn out and not hurt. I could see myself having a hard time swallowing my pride and walking away from the bike - definitely a lesson in there somewhere.

And as I'm in the market for a dual sport, these kind of stories have me looking at smaller and smaller bikes.
When I got back into riding, I specifically chose a very simple, inexpensive, lightweight bike... a KLX250. I can pick that bike up all day long, and because it is so lightweight, I can take it pretty much anywhere. The other plus is the fuel system - simple, easy to troubleshoot, and no fuel pump to die on you or act flakey.

Glad the OP survived the ordeal. I would venture to say that he might have actually enjoyed the whole thing, AND rode out instead of walking, if he was riding a more appropriate bike.
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