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Originally Posted by glasswave View Post
I wasn't knocking the 800xc, it's a great bike. I was more trying to point out that if you are swayed by a slick video, then almost any bike/manufacturer can sell you.

But while the 800xc is one of the more dirt capable adv bikes, these talented guy could have gotten to all the same places an gotten pretty much the same shots on any similarly modded vStrom, Tenere, MultiStrada or even a Versys, given the same type of tires. Yes, a 21" wheel, more travel and higher ground clearance helps, but for these guys, they would not be deal breakers.

Yes, rims would be bent and the bikes would be thoroughly damaged, just like the XC's likely were, but the script would still have been followed and video would have made with perhaps just a little more tape ending up on the cutting room floor.

As far as looking good, I'd lean towards the Multistrada Pikes Peak, but behold...

Too bad the locations were faked.
Good points, although I bought months before this movie came out. This was just well documented confirmation I made the right choice. Now I've been included (I think by the dealership) in a Icon mail listing...Keep getting all this cool swag

Damn IT!!!
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