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Originally Posted by maddiedog View Post
Cool! So... How was the snake compared to Deal's Gap? I've ridden the gap a few times, so I need to know.
They are both great roads.......when you can ride them without a lot of traffic and a lot of LEO presence. That's not so easy to do at Deal's Gap during the normal riding season. But I'll ignore that and just compare the roads.

I'm not sure exactly what the Snake is. From what I understand, it's three different sections of road: 421 over the mountain North of Shady Valley, 421 over the mountain south of Shady Valley, and 91 over the mountain Southeast of Shady valley. Overall, none of these sections is as tight as Deal's Gap. Deal's Gap is 11 miles of nearly non-stop curves. Each of the two sections of 421 are around 6-7 miles of curves with a fair number of straights. There are a few tight Hairpins but most of the curves are more medium speed. 421 has much more of a grade than Deal's Gap with a greater elevation change. 421 may be more difficult to ride well than 129 due to more speed changes going form curve to straight to curve. On the other hand, the straight on 421 give you a little chance to relax. The curvy section of 91 is only around 3 miles long. 133 goes Northeast to Damascas but I don't think it is considered part of the Snake. It's a nice ride through a valley with lots of medium to high speed sweepers.

Both Deal's Gap and Shady Valley are surrounded by great roads in every direction. From what I could see, the Snake hasn't become nearly the tourist attraction that Deal's Gap has so you don't have to deal with as much traffic. On the other hand, go to Deal's Gap and you will meet people from all over the country.

One thing both roads have in common is that they both have places for riders to hang out, get something to eat, and buy T-shirts and stickers so that the world can know that they slew the "Dragon" or the "Snake". There are countless great roads in the area, many are tighter and more challenging than either of these roads but without all the traffic. There are also many more scenic roads for those who prefer scenery over curves.

Another shot of 421 South of Shady Valley. IMO, this was the best of the three sections.

Here's a Hairpin on 421 North of Shady Valley. As you can see there is a straight on each side of the hairpin. On 129, one curve often leads directly into another.

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