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Originally Posted by Twilight Error View Post
To hell with that! They'll get their $ back one month at a time.

If it isn't fatal to the motor/transmission and doesn't affect safe operation, it gets put on the low priority list for fixing. I certainly wouldn't contact my insurance company about it. Insurance is a tool to cover your ass in the event you damage someone else's stuff, not your own.
I pay for full coverage. I was on a public road. The bike is this years model, it's also financed for 3 more years.

The insurance was renewed this month for 12 months. It'll be awhile before they start collecting increased rates. If they are insane, I'll switch companies.

This is all a moot point. This point is the estimate.

I reckon I could have gotten back to it's previous condition for under 1500$, what do you think BMW wants?
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