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I feel lucky to be able to travel to remote regions of the world occasionally to ride motorcycles. The key to this is enough money AND enough time. These two things are hard to have at the same time I find. I feel my limited time on this earth is worth more than money to me. This means I don't make extraordinary amounts, but it allows me some freedom. The trade off is always going on a small budget. However, I find that the small budget route often makes for some of the best experiences.

Why do we do things like try to ride around Mongolia or ride up the steepest hill or try and cross a river on a motorcycle? Because there's the chance we won't make it and that's what the adventurer thrives on.

Things got a little tight there in the Gobi because not only were we wet but it was COLD. This throws in a more serious factor to the whole thing. I admit that I was a bit nervous when we had to face the music and hunker down but this type of situation challenges you to do your absolute best to make it through ok, and I do like the challenge. This little escapade only lasted about 36 hours, hardly enough to call it an "epic" but it was challenging.

After being in a few tight situations over the years and making it through with a little work, I find myself double checking that I'm not taking it too far. It's easy to get cocky after you pull off a couple stunts because you get practice. You get better at crossing deeper rivers, you get better at knowing exactly what gear you'll need and how to keep it dry better, you get practiced at changing a tire in the dark on a dirty and busy 3rd world country road, you get better at reading people in those dark streets. You really have to have some foresight and truly understand what you're willing to deal with before making a decision you may regret. If you think it through, a lot of times an unpleasant situation can be quite tolerable and I find that I often don't regret the decision making that got me there in the first place.

We didn't regret leaving the dry shelter of the ger to get caught in the rain, cold and mud at all. This stuff isn't for everyone, but for those it is for, I look forward to riding with you.
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