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Knowing very little about the bike, and never having owned one. I'd take a WAG and say $3500.
I'd get the used $50 part and leave the rest as scars from your adventure.

I ride alone most of the time, on road, off road and no road.
On smaller lighter bikes and in the eastern forests that are much more forgiving than where you were.

I ride pretty slow, because for one I'm slow and another I am on my own.

Shit happens, you got out ok and learned a lesson from it.
Bike is scuffed, you are sore but otherwise fine.

I ride around looking for roads that I have not been on a lot, has worked out for me as I have an LC4 and a 200EXC.
But I don't have to ride either one to work or do 100 miles of slab.

I'm thinking about getting a SPOT because if I mess up and get hurt in the woods my dumb ass will probably be bear food.

Aside from drunken quad riders I normally have the woods and trails to myself until hunting season comes in, and the chances that I would be easily found are pretty slim.

Even the bad day you had is better than spending your life sitting on a couch thinking about what you could have done.
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