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Jesus, this happened in May?

never fully resolved.
Spent the rest of the summer riding and now working too hard.

I had thought it may be the rotor, as I had read that a shit rectifier can spill extra juice over in that direction and demagnetize the sucker. So I pulled my cover off and see how well I could stick a 18mm spanner on there.
I had bought parts off a guy a year ago, rang him up and asked if I could come stick a spanner on his rotor Had the same pull as mine.

So I'm back to figuring I should just rewire the sumbitch.
Just no time now anyhow.

She got out a handfull of times since, even starting learning the Mrs. on it.
I just throw the battery on the tender before I want to take her out,
good for a few hours anyhow.

I did gain a couple extra volts by cleaning contacts. Check the handlebar switches.
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