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Originally Posted by def View Post
Engine knocking to the untrained ear is deceptive and often misleading. It is rare that the boxer engine blow up after the owner reports an engine noise. You'll need to provide more details regarding the so-called knock so we can accurately diagnosis your issue. So, here are the hints; 1- Frequency of the knock. 2- From what area of the engine does the knock come from? 3- Does it go away with RPM changes? 4- Clutch in or out? 5- Hot or cold? 6- What engine oil is in the engine ans how many miles on this oil? What brand filter? Finally, try this. When you next cold start the engine, let it run for 10 seconds cold and shut it off with the kill switch leaving the key on. Count the seconds from the time you shut it off and when the oil light comes on and report back here.
Wow guys, thanks for all the advice! Sorry it's taken me a while to get back with the answers but here they are along with a link to a youtube video I made trying to capture idle and a slight rev.

link to video:

1. frequency seems pretty consistant
2. sounds like just under the cylinder head (if your facing the bike front left)
3. No, it's more noticable when it's idling but I can still feel it (or so I think) when its up around 4000
4. clutch in or out has no effect
5. pretty consistant hot and cold (maybe a little more pronounced when hot)
6. 20w-50 castrol synthetic. almost 3000 on this change (engine has 48,000) filter is bmw,
Cold start test was 6 seconds until light came on

And thank you!!!
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