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Originally Posted by G19Tony View Post
I tried one on at Cycle Gear, and it fit well. It's very well padded, internal sun visor. (I'm a big fan of those) It has good ventilation, as loud as any of these types of helmets are. It has a longer beak than my FLY helmet. On the FLY, my nose touches the inside of the helmet. Maybe my beak is too big.

The peak is not adjustable, but it didn't seem to catch the wind any more than the FLY or my Joe Rocket DS helmet. Optics through both the clear and the tinted visors are very good. The clear visor seals VERY well. I like that. It does not have slots for goggles. I don't know who makes it for them, but it has a little ICON like spoiler thingy on the back of the helmet.

It lists for $199. I got it for $99, and I think it is a good $99 helmet.

1. Now that you've had it for a while, what do you think?
2. How is it on the highway at speed?
3. Is the sun visor dark enough? It looked a little light when I tried it on.
4. Any quality issues after 1 month?

Any other
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