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despite the GSA being a fat, bloated pig, that stranded me in the woods, I do love it. It's a weird, awkward kind of love. I love it's archaic engine,
Ok, I get it. Unconditional love. I have an old vintage that's broken down so often, I've lost count & embarrassed me in front of friends/family, smokes like a chimney, so hard to start, etc etc but I persist in fixing it, getting it trailered home when it breaks down on a ride, spending money buying parts from overseas, etc and it all doesn't make sense. But I have an inexplicable 'bond' to it like you have a 'bond' to your GSA and riding dirt with it.

The GSA is a road bike dolled up to resemble an enduro. Really, how many enduros have telelever front suspension, weigh 600 lbs loaded and come with Tourances? The answer: none.
You nailed it. Have a look at this URL with a photo of 5 people in Kane Creek UT, struggling to move a F800GS. Crazy!
And that's the smaller 800 not the GSA. Like trying to drive a 60 seat passenger bus up a mountain track, IMHO.

The fact is, it also can handle more dirt tracks than people give it credit for. No, it is not a MX bike, but it can handle gravel, rocks and sand within the limits of the rider.
You're right of course - it is just that most riders I have seen aren't good enough to handle a GSA (or indeed any 600 + lbs bike) on what would be very easy dirt riding for a smaller machine.

What do you think the repair estimate is from the dealer?
My buddy low sided his K1200LT and destroyed the fairing, saddle bags, etc. The bike was mechanically A1 - but the insurance wrote off the bike. I guess $5,000?

Great post Snarky, thanks.
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