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Originally Posted by JDowns View Post
Hi Cal,

Yes its the same Sherpa. It keeps on keeping on. Great little bike. Yes I went to the dentist in Guatemala last trip. Mario Recinos in Quetzaltenango (locals call this town Shayla). The GPS co-ordinates are in my last ride report. I am indebted to Drrrags who listed them in his ride report. Mario did a great job on my teeth for a fraction of the costs of North American dentists. I hadn't been in 20 years. Top work. I intend to drop by and say hi on my way through and get my teeth cleaned again. Third world dentists rule.

While I find a 250 great for third world travel others think I'm wacko. Who cares? It's easy on gas, lightweight to lift up and perfect for rough backroads.

I had thought about flying down to Chile and buying a 250 until I looked at and saw how much bikes costs down there. 1500 bucks for a Honda CG125 which I would have to sell at the end of the trip or a cheap Chinese 250 was all I could afford. And then 800 or so airfare there and back. So I decided to just ride down what I have and take the slow cheap cargo scow and launchas around the Darien. The Stahlratte saiboat sounds divine, and if I were better off I would go that route. But 900 bucks each way? Yikes. And if I won the lottery I would fly my bike over on Girag for 900 and 350 for me each way from Panama City to Bogota.

In my dreams. Alas, it is the high seas and puking over the starboard bow for me.

John Downs
John, I am currently in St. Juan de Laguna, and eventually will hit the Darien. I am very intersted in your plans for the "slow, cheap cargo scow and launchas". Do you think that a overburdened F800 could manage this option? Could you elaborate on this plan some more, as I was unaware of this choice, in terms of the Darien. Any suggestions are much appreciated....

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