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Day 12: Pinware River, LAB to Norris Point, NL

The night was quiet and still. I woke around 6 and packed up the bike. I set off to visit that bakery I spotted yesterday in my quest for dinner. Turns out they have chili and sandwiches

They also have hazelnut scones

I had two cups of coffee, used their wifi and then geared up and rolled down the road. I spotted a sign for a lighthouse and made the turn. I had time to kill till my ferry boarding.

Well what a landmark I have stumbled upon.

Speaking of stumbling, who the hell pulled the wool over my eyes!

Down in Blanc Sablon at the ferry terminal, I walked in and purchased my ticket. I couldn't resist snapping a photo of the bizarre wall decorations. They had most every common fishery represented.

I met this dude Steve on my ferry ride over to Labrador. He was driving his VW up through Lab back home to Toronto. Apparently his tie rod broke so he was returning to Newfoundland and subsequently Nova Scotia for the crossing back by Truro. He barely made it on our morning ferry. He also barely made it out of his car...

Ugh...yeah that'll do.

The rain picked up as the ship neared the coast of Newfoundland. Once docked, I geared up, started the bike and immediately realized I left my camera and headset charging on the 5th deck. SHIT! I was able to race up there and grab them without much hassle and return to disembark just in time. I fueled up and then turned south into a driving rain blowing hard off the whitecapped straight.

The wind blew heavy and I careened into the oncoming rain on more than one occassion. I totally understand how those big trucks get flipped over here so frequently.

A couple on the ship recommended I stop in Rocky Harbor at this small restaurant/bakery near the end of the road. I am cold and a bit soaked at this point so everything looks good.

Moose Stew it is!

I read about this beer online not long ago but was in a coffee sort of mood so didn't partake.

After devouring my meal, I decided to splurge for the night and took Steve's advice to check out the hostel in Norris Point. I asked the waitress and she gave me directions. I pulled in to the library/hospital/radio station/hostel parking lot and got off the bike. Guess who pulls in next to me? Steve.

He grabbed a former orderlies room upstairs for $39 and I stuck with the ward for $29.

I had the whole place to myself though anyway. Time to dry out. It was still pouring rain outside.

Now to explore this awesome old hospital!

The only other hostel visitor was a single eldrerly woman who was living there for two weeks while she hiked and explored the natural beauty of Gros Morne. She invited me out to a free instructional presentation at the visitor center about the geology of Gros Morne. It was quite fascinating but the delivery was geared more toward children.

Back at the hostel, I continued snapping photos and exploring the basement and main levels.

There was an active radio station humming away in the basement.

D200 Self portrait

Look what I found for bedtime reading material...

I took this shot the following morning.

The hospital bed felt exactly like you'd expect out of a 50 year old design. The sheets were sterile and the whole room had this old clean smell to it. I didn't hear any strange noises as expected. I slept pretty well and I was warm and dry.
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