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So big kudos to dredman for posting that video of his "circle of trust".
An excellent exercise!

I've been doing circles around cones, since I started learning MotoGymkhana, but I never set any boundaries. I just tried the tightest circle possible.

With a clear border of the circle, drawn with the tennis balls, the game changes completely. Although I was able to fit inside the circle from the start, my bike was wobbly and slow. Had to put my foot down on quite a few occasions.

It also made crystal clear my problems with the body position as well as arm positioning. Right side turn is MUCH easier for me, and turning left is a real challenge.

As I started the exercise, I had to use clutch, to slip it, in order to be able to stay in the circle without running wide.

However after a few hours of just running circles in different directions, it made a very noticeable improvement as well as allowed me to discover A LOT of good as well as bad things about my riding.

By the end of the day, I was able to do both left and right circles with relative ease, and without use of the clutch. I also got a little bit faster. Initial turns were around 8 seconds for 360 degrees, by the end of the day it dropped to 6 seconds. These are just rough estimates from reviewing my videos.

I can definitely see where I'm loosing time in GP8 with these turns.

Really great exercise! Highly recommend setting this up and practicing it.
Here is a small video of selected runs of the circle. You can see my progression throughout the day.

P.S. all the turns you see in the above video are at FULL lock. This exercise really teaches you to manage the balance of the bike with throttle and brake, while its at full lock turn.

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