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I need clutch advice.

I replaced the aftermarket clutch perch and lever with an OEM clutch perch and lever because I keep breaking clutch cables. The clutch was working perfectly but it is at a slight angle which may contribute to stress on the cable.

When doing this I used the same cable that was on the aftermarket perch (and working) but after the replacement, the clutch actuator won't disengage the gearing.

I thought the clutch plates were wet locked so I lowered the bike and started it in neutral and pulled the clutch lever in and clicked it into gear and the bike died.

I did this three times and adjusted the lever from loose to tight and got the same result. Figuring that there was slightly better pull on the after market perch I put it back on and got the same result.

The manual states the the clutch actuator post should be rotated counter clockwise toward the engaged position (towards the center of the motor). It is positioned as indicated.

What am I missing here? The only other thing I can think of is the clutch actuator fork has somehow become fouled up. Thoughts?
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