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See that white suburban in the background of the HEALY and ALFA pictures?That was me ,I maintain a few of the
cars that do this event.It's actually the opposite of a concours in that we drive the cars for four days all over Colorado
(1200 miles) regardless of weather etc.At the end of the week we have an anti-concourse at LIONSHEAD village showing the cars as they came off the road.This has been going on for 24 yrs and is always the second week of September.You were correct about the value of some of the cars, one of the cars I take care of is in the 4to5 mil.
range and it is not the only 7 figure car on the event by a long way.
Doing the COLORADO GRAND has allowed me to ride Colorado in Sept for the last 20 yrs.and it's the high light
of my year.
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