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Originally Posted by joec63 View Post
you just did , congrats!
Thanks, Joe. Getting this bike took me a little longer than I anticipated. I found a dealer 60 miles from me who quoted $4898 out the door last JULY. I gave him $500 down and got it in writing. That deal fell through a few days ago. He called and said Honda won't ship any CRF250L's to a "tier 3 dealer" til March or April. I have no idea what this meant. Dealer said only the big guys are getting them and he was not and is not a "big guy".

So he gave me my $500 back and I found 2 on sales floors 24 and 30 miles away from me.
Dealer 24 miles away said $5250 out the door.
Dealer 30 miles from me said $5000 out the door.
Out the door to me means:
handling fee
freight and setup
sales tax
a boob job for the receptionist
and whatever the hell else they can hide in the bottom line

I paid $5000 cold hard cash out the door in Deforest WI
it was raining so I trailered it home
my bike shoe worked great but I put 2 straps on it anyway

I will prolly be asking you guys a ton of questions in the near future
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