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+1 on the ham radio. I am an operator and have never had a problem reaching anyone from even the most remote areas in North Idaho. I do not go on any trip without mine. No matter where you are, there is always a ham monitoring. I carry a quad band hand-held to increase my chances, but have never needed to use any frequency other than 2 meter. In addition to that, many of the repeaters are linked to a phone patch so you can make phone calls over your radio (that is all a cell phone does anyway).
Good story... It reminds me of taking my Nighthawk a few places that I REALLY should not have...
Better luck next ride


Originally Posted by cliffy109 View Post
Good Lord. That is a hell of a story.

As I read it, one things kept creeping into my mind. With all your errors, you still would have been fine if you had a $100 hand-held ham radio. Even in remote areas, there are always repeaters and some dude monitoring. If you're interested, I'll post details on how you get a license and what you would need to do. If you ride in remote areas, even with others, you have a MUCH better chance of rescue if you can talk to somebody.
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