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CX650 "Custom" ADV bike build

Well, I joined this forum to get some ideas for planning a long road trip next year and made the mistake of reading a bunch of trip reports from people riding dual-sports and getting off the paved roads, and it looks like a blast. And while it would be nice to go get a new GS, I'm a broke-ass grad student.

Hence this thread. I've always had a soft spot for Honda's CX twins, since a '79 CX500 was the first bike I ever owned. So when I saw a CX650 Custom listed locally for a few hundred bucks, I jumped on it. It's in kind of rough shape but the mileage is really low, only a little over 10K on it. The bad news aside from the surface rust and scrapes is the god-awful 80s chopper styling. Gotta do something about that.

Anyway, my goal with this build is to create something with roughly equivalent specs to the V-Strom 650, which seems to be a popular dual-sport ride around here. The CX650 produces just about the same power and weighs about the same as the V-Strom (actually the CX will likely weigh in about 30lbs less than the Strom after I'm done stripping it down). The CX actually has about 14" of available travel in the rear, but I'm going to limit that to about 8" or so to avoid damage to the driveshaft. Up front, I'll be swapping in forks from an XL600R, which will give me about 9" of front suspension travel.

Wheels will be 17" rear and 18" front, which gives me decent options for dualsport tires. I have a 19" front I can use as well but it would be mismatched and would probably bug me too much visually.

Aesthetically, I'm going for an old-school scrambler/WWII type look, since that will be easier to pull off than trying to mimic modern DS bikes. Hopefully, this will all come together fairly quickly, I've done my homework on this one and everything is more or less bolt-on for this build. I'm sure the MIG will come out once or twice, but for the most part this should be pretty straightforward.

Pics to come later!
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