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Originally Posted by Redhed View Post
John, I am currently in St. Juan de Laguna, and eventually will hit the Darien. I am very intersted in your plans for the "slow, cheap cargo scow and launchas". Do you think that a overburdened F800 could manage this option? Could you elaborate on this plan some more, as I was unaware of this choice, in terms of the Darien. Any suggestions are much appreciated....

Hola Pelirrojo (Redhead),

I'm practicing my Spanish.

Now please understand. When I say cheap it is all relative. For me it is worth saving 500 bucks each way to go down the sketchy Pacific as Nick Jones did. His report is here:

Or down the Carribean side as this couple did on cargo boats and launchas as reported towards the bottom of the page here:

But believe me, if I had the funds I would take the Stahlratte like Misery Goat did and enjoy a nice cruise through the San Blas Islands as he points to here:

Tell me that doesn't look like fun! And it's cut and dried. You can make reservations on their website. My way is the hard way that has no definition. I have to go find boats and negotiate with locals and hang out waiting. Probably take way longer than you are interested in.

The harsh reality is that I don't have the 900 bucks each way to sail on the Steel Rat. I will probably spend twice as much time taking scows down for 400 bucks each way and hanging out in sketchy towns along the way. If that sounds like fun to you then I'm your dream travel agent.

But if you have the fundage, I would go the luxury route.

Enjoy your time at Lago Atitlan. It's a beautiful area between storms this time of year.

Hope to see you down the road.

Kindest regards,
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