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damn you must be loaded. new tundra AND pulling some kind of giant yacht up a mountain!?
we were pulling this

2001 i4 nissan frontier (struggled, ate clutches!)
'99 5.3L chevy silverado would do it with a little effort
mid 1990's 2wd v6 nissan pathfinder (no issue at all, pull it right out of the water. Better than the chevy!)
5.4L nissan armada would rip it out of the water

must be something wrong if that 5.7L tundra engine can't pull it. engine, torque converter, transmission, something. That thing is a monster of a stock truck engine. when released the only other gas v8 truck engine within an honest 50bhp of it was the titan's.

The newer GM's are super nice. good engine. for awhile they were crap. the only way GM could compete gas-mileage wise was force the engine to run closed-loop and cruise AFR's for FOUR SECONDS after you floored the throttle LoL! throttle response & engine output was a joke! Of corse the titan and tundra come along so they had to fix it (they did, and now they get even better mileage!)

IDK man. joking aside what's that thing weigh? you got road grade issues?
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