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Marta&Rita's pre-ride from Switzerland to Spain

Little break for breakfast - decided to build a bit more on the RR

Last Saturday Rita and I did our pre-ride from Switzerland to Spain.

We went from our home town in Switzerland (Basel) to Roses (north east of Spain, nice town by the sea). Roses is not my home town (pretty close though), but my parents were spending the weekend there and wanted to give them a surprise.

My initial plan was to leave Friday, sleep somewhere in the middle of France, and arrive home on Saturday. Being able this way to take some back roads for the trip and enjoy the ride.

But things started getting complicated at work Thursday evening, and finally had to work all Friday to do some fire fighting. Was really disappointed. Rita was disappointed too... That left only Saturday to do the 900Km ride, so no way we could take any back roads. Had to jump straight into the motorway (ugh!).

Left Basel on Saturday morning, around 8.30 AM (I'm not an early bird) and got to Roses at around 6.30 PM. 10hours for 900km. Average 90 km/h. Not that bad! Know can be done quicker, but don't like to squeeze Rita on the motorway and... my butt needs some rest from time to time (the low seat is pretty hard!!!!)

Route we did was the following (just to give you an idea):
  • Basel
  • Bern
  • Lausanne
  • Geneva
  • Swiss-French Border
  • Grenoble
  • Valence
  • Montelimar
  • Nimes
  • Montpellier
  • Narbonne
  • Perpignan
  • French-Spanish Border
  • Roses
And this is how it looks like on the map: STRAIGHT!

One of the easiest Switzerland-Spain rides I've ever done.
No rain. No cold. No heat. No wind (can be a pain in the south of France). No ice/snow. Very fluid traffic. Almost no roadworks.
Totally uneventful and pleasant ride.
Which is fine when you have to do lots of Km in one day, but doesn't help much when you want to write a RR
Now what do I tell you???

Well, got there Saturday evening and parents were very happy to see me.
We spend rest of Saturday and Sunday together (great lunch on Sunday!) and we went back to our home town (real one this time) Monday early morning (just on time for mum to go to work in the afternoon - dad is retired and doesn't have to worry about working ).

Spent Monday afternoon working from home (love this flexibility I'm allowed!) and Tuesday morning took the plane back to Switzerland. And have been working like crazy since then... Just realizing now that in less than 24h I'll be landing in Barcelona, almost ready to start my holidays!
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