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As if it isn't obvious, the PO modified the wiring... We mucked around in there a little and managed...
Good show. Yeah, it would be agood plan to go back to stock on the wiring. Lord knows what, why, when or how the changes were made by the PO, but stock is a good starting point.

I've made changes to my wiring over the years, but have been fairly good about documenting things. Early on, I kept record of the changes on xerox copies of the wiring schematic but the past decade have gone digital and have a series of scanned schematics with the changes noted. Hopefully the digital wiring changes will go along with the bike after I check out, else the next owner may go digital, too:

The "extra green wires" may be just that-- extra green wires that were included with the board because of later revisions or different markets.

Originally Posted by Wirespokes
nice and neat, with all of the wires swirling around the outer edge of the bucket, leaving the center free for the headlight
I like that.

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