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Does your Tundra have the towing package, or the tow switch on the dash? The switch is supposed to alter the settings of the tranny to make it shift at different points and be more towing-friendly. I have not towed anything heavy with mine, a very light boat weighing less than 1000 pounds, and a utility trailer with perhaps 1500 pounds of stuff on it, so can't really comment.
Yes. Tried that. Tried s mode and dropping it down a gear, too. All that did was make it downshift more. I got 7 mpg for that tank. Flat interstate.

I got my best, lol, by just putting it drive and letting it shift back and forth. Ski annoying.

To the poster that showed the hp graph, first of all, the graph starts at 4k, rpm. That's useless. Second, it's the torque curve around 2-3k that matters.

I knew something was fishy when I saw the rear end gear was over 4:1 on the tundra. I should have known.
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