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Originally Posted by oldtrout View Post
You seem to be impervious to altitude with your India / Himalayas ride and current venture. I know of a super fit mountaineering guy who got seriously ill at 13,000 ft in the Andries and had to call off his hike/ climb. How are you feeling ?

Enquiring minds wish to know. (no pressure)
Logan - have read a bunch about Altitude and the best I can say is that in India I did use Diamox for a few days as we approached the 11,000-13,000 foot level. But just for a few days then off it. The other real big thing is hydration. Drinking tons of water ...... This helps the body to Acclimatize. you also need to pee often

I feel really good at the Altitude. Have had a few nights were I did not sleep great, and sometimes dreams are a bit strange. Couple nights ago I had a terrible time getting any sleep, but I had not had any Mate de Coco or anything else like coffee I just do not really know what it was. Usually I am a great sleeper :)

Hope that helps. And Altitude sickness is a serious thing to consider. I know that most of the hotels here have some type of Oxygen in case people are having issues.
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