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I know it's a bit lame but I didn't work much on the bike lately. And I don't think I'll be able to do more stuff before the spring. One it's getting cold in here, for riding and building, second I have other stuff to put cash into right now. But the project is not over yet! I have some ideas for a retro tank, taller seat, bars etc. This bike was designed as some kind of a flat tracker plastic wannabe, so the seat is very low. And for me, with my 186cm it's very low. When I go off road it's very difficult for me to stand up on the pegs. Or I'm just a wimp and got to do more knee-ups. When I think of it, it actually might be the latter...

A couple of weeks ago I went to Branna (CZ) to watch a classic motorcycle race. It was a 600km go there, meet some strangers on bikes, get wasted, sleep in a tent, wake up at 8 to the sound of 2 stroke open pipe vintage bikes going thru the village, be sick all morning, miss most of the races because of being sick, make a few lousy pictures and go home kinda trip. Great stuff.

Here's how the bike presented itself in the pine forests near Czech-Polish border, 100% apocalypse ready:

now it's waterproof

PS Does any body have a clue about putting spoked wheels and rear shocks replacements on a Honda FT500?
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