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Originally Posted by Barnone View Post
How does PA know the HF trailer came in a box and had to be put together? It's quite a simple task, probably even you could accomplish it. For the last time, the HF trailer comes with a normal MCO and is DOT approved.
When I enquired, the "state" said it is aware that most mail order trailers arrive at your door "not assembled"! That means the buyer must construct them from a box of parts, no matter how "approved" the parts may or may not be by the MCO and DOT, they still must be assembled, and that is what must be inspected by an inspector that has shone expertise and knowledge of mechanical assembly (the enhanced) inspector as opposed to the regular inspector. That's all well and easily understood (by most), perhaps not you. My bitch was with the exorbitant FEE.
As to what I can build, I built my house and garage, my bike trailer, my sidecar (from scratch), race cars, in my twenties, a garage business before I was thirty, employing half a dozen people, I've written and published a book, etc, etc. What have you built?
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