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Here's what it looked like to begin with (not my bike, but close enough):

I forgot to take pics of the initial condition of the bike. Just imagine the above except the seat is torn and the whole bike is filthy.

Since I plan to use this bike as a commuter, everything has to be in good condition, so I start tearing it down:

And then a little more:

And that's where I left it after the first day of work, I've got today off too so it's back out to the garage for some more progress. I love working on this bike, everything is so simple. I mean, most of the bikes I've owned have been vintage bikes which are all simple by modern standards, but this one seems designed for ease of maintenance. For example, dropping the engine was all of unplugging about 6 wires, dropping the exhaust, pulling 5 engine bolts, and lowering it out of the frame. Took maybe 45 minutes to have the engine out starting from a fully-assembled bike. Didn't even have to drain the coolant, the radiator came out with the engine. And the wiring harness is so simple it's a joke.
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