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Originally Posted by Snarky View Post
Since you're the only one that bit. 3500$ is a reasonable number. My estimate of 1500$ or so is a reasonable number. 50$ is low balling it, but would get it back on the road.

HOWEVER. Between the BMW Service Manager and my Claims adjuster, they came up with the sum of.... $11,000.

$11,000... The only way I can figure that they came up with this number is that they chose to replace every single scratched part. Insane! I haven't gotten the itemized invoice yet, but I can't wait. I'm assume almost none of it was engine related. The one thing I do know is, that my scuffed final drive and front rim? Yeah, they are replacing them... WTF?

They've already okayed it, and getting ready to cut the check minus my 300$ deductible, and the bike will be back in ~2 weeks-ish.

After my ordeal, I recommend 'something' spot or not, in addition to your phone. I would have probably been alright because it is hunting season right now, but it was still scary.

You're right though, even if you go out and do something stupid, it's still better than wasting your life on the couch.
Any part which is even slightly scratched was included in that estimate. That's the way it's done.

A guy here bought an almost new R1 for $2,500 which had a tip over. The P.O. took the insurance check, deducted it from a reasonable value of pristine bike and came up with that number as a 'for sale'.

The new owner put about $1,000 in it accepting the minor hard to see 'damage' and rode off. I guess that's why premiums on these bikes are so high. I personally only carry liability & pay about $225 / year for our three bikes.
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