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Originally Posted by skag View Post
... says a while back he "went down on his scoot" was on the side of the road all fucked up and the only one to stop was towing "one of them little boats". The guy got his bike up and running, straightened some stuff, got him bandaged and on his way. He says "so I tells myself, them guys with them little boats,man they're OK"
^^Cool story^^

My daily commute involves merging LEFT onto a busy interstate, then crossing 4 lanes of fast-moving traffic (destination: HOV lane). To add to the drama, many cagers on said interstate are merging RIGHT for the next off-ramp which is less than 1/4 mile away. This maneuver is taking place in a short freeway section where vehicles are crossing paths with a significant speed differential -- those speeding up to get into the traffic flow (like me), versus those slowing down to take the busy (and usually backed up) off-ramp. Twice a day, 5 days a week, and the most treacherous portion of the commute.

I always appreciate the cagers who let me slide through their lanes as I work my way to HOV freedom. I give a wave when I can -- but it's usually both hands on the bars!
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