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Originally Posted by rattis View Post
Wethead is Ok as such but why the totaltarian dogmatic decision by a few or for that one?
It's a German bike but it's not 1939, whatever you do don't mention the war!!!!
Put it to a vote with a deadline.
Moderating is not forcing your views upon others, or is it?
Rise up to fight the oppressor (s)!!
The hell - someone do more to your cherrios this morning than piss in them?

T'were anything up for a vote I'd go for something referencing the spork. Or combine them like Wasser spork or would that be spork-wasser?

Id wanted to make a reference to the fork tailed devil (Lockheed P-38) but couldn't quite get fork nosed devil to come out in German.
Pics of whatever/where ever
I used to be indecisive, now I'm not so sure.
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