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Originally Posted by Barnone View Post
Some of the things I have built are two houses, multiple cars, garages, barns, furniture, mini bikes, livestock trailer, computers, sailboats, power boats, canoes, motorcycle trailer, etc.

Send me some money and I will put together a HF trailer, register it, tag it, and ship it to you in PA, OK?

If you are hung up on a "mail order trailer" you can go by a Harbor Freight or Northern Tool store and pick up the trailer in a box. I won't tell the "state" that you bolted it together. It is quite simple to do.
Well then, we have something in common, we like to build stuff. I was warning, in Pa. it costs three times as much to get a Home built/home assembled trailer inspected, as it was just a few years ago. $15 dollars, then, as now, it is $50 dollars, due to the required enhanced inspection, even though it only took 5 minutes to inspect mine. I thought that was interesting information. Most don't realize in Pa., even a "new" trailer will require an inspection, if the buyer assembles it. Apparently, that's difficult to comprehend. Fer fucks sake, y'all.
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